About us.

We are a business design agency from Sweden and it's our belief that adaptability is the new competitive advantage.

What we do.

We help organisations create value by developing what they offer and how they work.

Vision & Strategy.

Either you have a clear plan for the future or we start by working with you to develop and create one. We help with collecting and understanding the vital data floating around your organisation or brand, to building a roadmap for your product or service. With this clarity we show you how to use it and measure the future steps from day one, because we show you how to start working with them.


Innovating what you do and how you do it is now a requirement for the modern organisation. We help you define what innovation will look like for your business with measurable returns, by focusing on your business and capabilities, today and in the future. We do this by combining what you know about your plan for the future and your business drivers, to make your innovation efforts a success.

Identity & Design.

It's never been more important than it is today to know how your customers interact with your brand, organisation, product or service. We value as highly as we can, the need for clear and transparent interactions and touchpoints. To succeed in this we actively co-design and anticipate future needs, all based on the vision and strategy of the work or project.

Communication & Implementation.

The cornerstone to our work is communication and when working with change it's a vital ingredient for successful outcomes. Our ambition with everything we do is to transfer knowledge to your employees or team as soon as possible and for it to be organic and sustainable. This can only be done with effective and clear communication.


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931 31 Skellefteå

Phone: +46 910-79 89 00
E-mail: skea@wdo.se