We are a business design agency and it's our belief that adaptability is the new competitive advantage.

Identity & Design.

It's never been more important than it is today to know how your customers interact with your brand, organisation, product or service. We value as highly as we can, the need for clear and transparent interactions and touchpoints.

To succeed in this we actively co-design and anticipate future needs, all based on the vision and strategy of the work or project.
WDO identity and design services
Vision and strategy from WDO Sweden

Vision & Strategy.

Either you have a clear strategy for the future or we start by working with you to create one.

We begin by collecting the vital data floating around your products, services, brand or organisation, then build a roadmap.

With this clarity we show you how to use it and plan for the future.

Communication & Implementation.

The cornerstone to our work is communication and when working with change it's a vital ingredient for successful outcomes.

Our ambition with everything we do is to transfer knowledge to your employees or team as soon as possible and for it to be organic and sustainable. This can only be done with effective and clear communication.
WDO communication and project implementation
WDO Innovation


Innovation is no longer up for discussion, it's a corporate imperative and because of this we formed WDO Innovation AB in 2012.

WDO Innovation can help you visualise your innovation landscape, in terms of what you do today, what you could be doing and what you should be doing. With this, you can more easily identify the right opportunties, not as a campaign or one-off event, but continuously and as part of your overall growth strategy. 

To learn more about our innovation management offer, the thoughts of the team or to read some customer case studies, visit the WDO Innovation website here.

If you would like to email someone direclty, our email address format is firstname.surname@wdo.se.

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